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Credit report discrepancies can prevent you from getting mortgages, car loans, student loans as well as increased insurance premiums and interest rates. In fact, those mistakes can even prevent you from getting a job. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus are responsible for correcting inaccurate information in your credit report.

1 in 4 people found credit report errors that could potentially affect their scores



NUICC, is committed to help you achieve your financial goals by deleting or correcting inaccurate, unverifiable, incomplete and outdated information from your credit report. You have the right to dispute these mistakes! Throughout the disputing process we will advise, guide and educate you on how to rebuild your credit along the way.

Our simple and effective credit repair process will help you reach a strong approval credit score! As a result, you will have the privilege to obtain the lowest interest rates and terms in the market. We provide step by step updates and quality customer service. Don’t let less than perfect credit keep you from reaching your dreams. Now, it’s entirely up to you when to take the first step to “Restoring your Credit made Simple”!


  • No down payment & Low interest rate (Auto Loan)
  • Low interest rate (Mortgage)
  • Low Interest Rate (Credit Cards)
  • No Security Deposit (Residential)


Avoid NEW Collections & Charge-Offs

Avoid Late Payments

Pay bills on time

Too many inquires will lower your score

Do not close current accounts or open new ones

Keep credit cards at 30% of your credit limit

Too many open and closed accounts can affect your score

Keep credit cards active to avoid (close by grantor status) for inactivity

Monitor your credit report for errors


Our Mortgage loan officers are pleased with our simple and effective plan. We are expediting their client’s credit repair process by raising their score faster and loan approved, instead of dragging the process on and on. Lenders are updated throughout the whole process.


We explain all deletions and improvements being done on their client's credit profile. Nevertheless, get preapproved for a home loan before you start home shopping. The higher your score, the less you have to worry about a few points making a difference. A SOLID score can help you save $$$ and obtain the best terms and rates.

Have one of our Credit specialist contact you

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